If you’re ready to become the fittest, healthiest version of yourself, Create Fitness can make it happen. 

Rachel's Story

"The motivation at this gym has been great!"

I really enjoy coming into this gym, before I had to drag myself to another gym and I didn’t really enjoy my workouts. It’s been nice to have a fun place to workout.

John's Story

"I've lost over 55 pounds"

The pain I used to have before I lost weight and got in shape, has decreased dramatically.

Jacey's Story

"I feel great!"

I feel lean and very confident in my own body. I really think that joining Create Fitness is the best fitness decision anyone can make for themselves.

Marit's Story

"A positive environment "

Create provided a really positive relationship with the people working out and providing the workouts. It’s just a very positive, nonjudgmental, and open environment.

Cyndy's Story

"I feel younger!"

I joined Create Fitness the summer of last year, and since then I have noticed in myself, happiness, so much more energy. My thought process is clearer , I’m less stressed and I just wake up feeling very good about myself.

Jean & Dave's Story

"This has been amazing!"

I have been an aerobics junkie my whole life, for 40 years but I never did any weight training or resistance before. This has been amazing just in my strength and how I feel about myself. I really enjoy the workouts.


Absolutely love my training sessions with Felipe at Unbound Synergy Fitness. It’s refreshing to workout with a trainer who incorporates health, nutrition and fitness with my workouts. He is mindful of my injures and plans workouts that strengthen as well as help me reach my weight loss goals. It is like having physical therapy and personal training in one session. Every session challenges me with weight training, cardio (lots) and strengthening my weak area. Felipe is knowledgeable and motivational….. Just what I needed. On the days I do not have personal training sessions with Felipe, the group boxing classes are an added bonus. I highly recommended Felipe at Unbound Synergy Fitness if you want to reach your fitness goals, be challenged, have fun and learn proper techniques to prevent injuries.
Fabio Franco
Fabio Franco
Great boxing with Acie and circuit training with Felipe.


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